Mousecoin (MIC3) Features

Mousecoin (MIC3) was created based on the Bitcoin protocol. Featuring a functional max coin supply, exchange availability, fast transaction times and the ability to earn by staking in your own wallet, Mousecoin (MIC3) is the perfect cryptocurrency for today's crypto enthusiast.

  • With extremely low transaction fees and a block time of 2.1 minutes, all Mousecoin (MIC3) transactions are generally processed in no more than 5 minutes (depending on sender/recipient as exchanges may take longer), making sending funds with Mousecoin (MIC3) easy, quick and painless.

  • Designed to be future-proof, there will only ever be a maximum of 92 Trillion Mousecoin (MIC3) in circulation, this allows for enough Mousecoins for daily use, while taking into consideration Mousecoins held for staking, making Mousecoin (MIC3) a functional cryptocurrency for all possible situations.

  • Mousecoin (MIC3) can currently be traded at multiple exchanges, giving users the ability to easily move and exchange their Mousecoins (MIC3) for services and other cryptocurrencies with ease. With future prospects of e-commerce integration Mousecoin (MIC3) is a future-proof currency for investors & consumers alike.

  • Help secure the Mousecoin (MIC3) network, while getting paid! Simply maintain a balance of Mousecoins (MIC3) in your wallet, keep your wallet open and unlocked (for staking) & receive rewards for helping to process transactions on the network The more Mousecoins (MIC3) you hold the more chances you have of being rewarded!

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    Mousecoin (MIC3) Specifications

    Mousecoin (MIC3) was created back in 2012 utilising the Bitcoin protocol. Just like Bitcoin, Mousecoin (MIC3) comes with it's own independent blockchain and set of specifications set out by the original developers of the coin at the time of it's creation. Below you will find the current MIC3 Coin Specifications:

    Ticker: MIC3
    Max Supply: 92 Trillion
    Block time: 2.1 Minutes
    Block retarget: Dark Gravity Wave V3.0
    Staking maturity: 45 Minutes [maximum 21 days]
    Mined maturity: 7 blocks TX
    Maturity: 6 blocks
    Algorithm: SHA256 PoW/PoS | PoS only after block 92K
    PoS staking: 250%
    PoW reward: 1100 MIC3 per block
    PoW blocks: 92K

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