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Mousecoin is one of the original early Altcoins.
Surviving the ups and downs of the crypto market for the last 6+ years and recently undergoing it's FINAL swap, Mousecoin is here to position itself as one of the leading altcoins in the crypto market.
With a strong community that has stood the test of time we begin our new journey.....

Windows QT Wallet

Suitable for most versions of Windows it comes in a .zip with everything you need to get started.

Beehive Android Wallet

Beehive is a third party multi-coin wallet that supports Mousecoin and also offers staking with low fees


The Official Mousecoin GitHub contains the source code and two pre-compiled daemon versions for Ubuntu

How to earn on the Mousecoin Network

Mining Staking Hodling Multiplying MIC3

There are a few ways to earn on the Mousecoin Network


Ticker: MIC3
Block time: 3 Minutes
Max Supply: 92,000,000,000 (92 Billion)
Algorithm: Scrypt POS / POW
Coinbase maturity: 30 blocks
Staking Maturity: 30 Blocks (~1.5 Hour)
Target spacing: 3 minutes
Target timespan:
1 block
Transaction confirmations: 30 blocks

Block Number POW POS %
0,000–10,000 5000 MIC3 20%
10,001–100,000 2000 MIC3 100%
100,001–150,000 1500 MIC3 90%
150,001–200,000 1000 MIC3 80%
200,001–250,000 1000 MIC3 75%
250,001–300,000 1000 MIC3 70%
300,001–350,000 1000 MIC3 60%
350,001–400,000 1000 MIC3 50%
400,001–550,000 N/A 40%
550,001–600,000 N/A 30%
600,001–650,000 N/A 20%
650,001–700,000 N/A 15%
700,001–750,000 N/A 10%
750,001 — Max Supply N/A 5%


We as a community are all in this together so you can usually find either the admins, moderators or other community members that can provide you with answers to any of your support questions. The best places to get help are here:
Discord Support

Latest News

Get the latest on all that is Mousecoin

Mousecoin Network Q1 2021 Report

Q1 2021 UPDATE Well looking back on the last year of Mousecoin and the crypto world in general it has been a busy year, with a bit of good and a bit of bad. Quite a few exchanges ceased to exist as more and more appeared, creating competition in the crypto exchange space, ending in…

Mousecoin Network May 2020 Report

MAY 2020 UPDATE The last month in the world of Mousecoin has been HUGE! There have been many changes, the addition of new awesome ways to earn MIC3 including our Faucets page and the Phoneum Games. We have also seen the launch of our Community Membership, which entitles each registered user to receive up to…

Mousecoin Network April 2020 Report

APRIL 2020 UPDATE We are living in different and crazy times right now, with the Corona virus causing huge problems globally. Self isolation is becoming common-place around the world as a result, and funnily enough a lot of people are looking around the crypto markets again. We hope you are all keeping safe and are…

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