Mousecoin (MIC3) Community Membership

Become a part of the Mousecoin (MIC3) Community.
Membership is FREE and it comes with HUGE bonuses!!

Our Community is important to us, it is the backbone of the Mousecoin Network. Every follow, like, interaction, comment and re-post of our content members of the Mousecoin Community do all helps us to grow awareness of Mousecoin, growing and strengthening our community. To show our appreciation for your loyalty we are rewarding every Mousecoin Member with a regular monthly payment of up to 200,000 MIC3 just for joining and remaining a member of our social media(s). To become a member all you need to do is complete the registration form below, making sure to become and stay a member on our social media(s) and start EARNING!!!
Each of our social media accounts (listed below) that you follow entitles you to a portion of the potential 200,000 MIC3 you can earn each month. If you only follow on Twitter, you will only get 25,000 MIC3 per month, follow on 2 socials and get 50,000 MIC3, etc.

PLEASE NOTE: You must register before the 1st of each month in order to qualify for the previous months payment. All payments will be processed in the first week of the following month, once the accounts have been verified. You can check the process of you social account verification’s, as well as your monthly payment status on your account page. You must remain a member of the social media to receive the reward.


If you are already a member of the community and know someone that might me interested in checking out MIC3, we are offering a referral bounty for registered members. Simply get your referred person to put your Username and Mousecoin Wallet address in their registration to receive 25,000 MIC3 per social media platform they join as a one-time bonus.

Please fill out the form below to register as a member of the Mousecoin (MIC3) Community. You MUST also follow us on the social media you have specified in this form to receive your monthly Community Bonus.