Mousecoin (MIC3) Games


MOUSECOIN (MIC3) is happy to be partnered with Phoneum and their awesome gaming Platform to bring you a variety of awesome mobile based cryptocurrency games where you can earn MIC3 (as well as other crypto’s) just for playing them. They also offer a huge opportunity for us to spread the word of Mousecoin, get people started in Mousecoin and grow our community

Crypto Treasures

Crypto Treasures is a game, where players complete various quests, trivia and mini games to unlock Gold (in-game currency), Treasure Chests, Items, Collectibles, and various Crypto currencies, including the featured Mousecoin (MIC3).

Crypto Planet

Visit a new type of planet, one that allows you to earn real cryptocurrencies while playing a beautiful and futuristic game. The main objective is to extract the valuable resources of the planet: Crystals. There is a special machine designed specifically to dig up the Crystals automatically and deliver them to you. All you have to do is activate the Digger and after 4 hours, it will have the resources ready to be claimed.