Mousecoin (MIC3) Roadmap 2021 Q1



Finally, we will have an Android wallet!
We have been working hard in the background on this and finally found a developer to work with us to develop a basic android wallet which will allow people without desktop wallets a means to store their MIC3 and easily transfer it between staking pools, exchanges and other users.
Although we are aware that many members of the community wanted an android wallet that will stake it is unfortunately just not viable yet as mobile staking wallets are not as simple as they sound and would cost a considerable bit more to have developed, be run and maintained. To be honest they are actually quite complex to set up, maintain and manage, and as there is already access to staking platforms that offer their services online (even from mobile) it was not seen as the most important thing for us to be doing at this point, or at least not all at once. Basically for a staking mobile wallet, the cost far outweighs the potential benefit right now considering there are other options for people who want to stake that don’t have access to a desktop wallet, so we just opted for a basic wallet at this point in time.
The Android wallet, when completed, will initially only be available from the website but will be released on Google Play once it has passed their checks etc. You will be required to create a new address with the Android wallet at this stage as well. The images below show each screen of the Android wallet so far. There are a few changes to be made, testing to do and most importantly the developer to be paid for their work and we will be ready to roll it out. We are hoping this will only take a few weeks, but will keep the community updated.

We are actually also going to be investigating another option for Mousecoin to be listed on another Coin projects mobile wallet in Q1 as well. This wallet may allow staking, but at this stage we cannot confirm anything including whether we can get listed. This is just an investigation at this point, but our chances are looking reasonably good for the listing at least. We will update people when we have more information about this as well.

  • 5th Feb: We have engaged Coindroid to build us an Electrum based wallet. The wallet information and cost can be found here We have been able to secure the price of this wallet at $710 USD, which is a $40 discount.
    A beta of the wallet has been made for us to look at which you can see in the images available. We have paid for and provision the server ready for the wallet which will be a monthly cost of about $3.
    The final step in the creation is to pay 50% upfront, which we will organise next week. Once this is paid the wallet will be completed and then we will be required to make the final 50% payment. Once paid, it will be listed on Google and we will be provided with the final AK which we will make available from the website until it has been approved by Google.
  • 23th Feb: We have made the final payment for the Android Wallet and are hoping for a release later this week.


For a long time the desktop wallet has been used successfully and without issues. With the revamp of the coin and updating of the logo and other things, the existing wallet is now a little out of date and looks like something out of a 70’s movie. While there are still no real issues with the wallet, we made a decision that it was time for a change, and after discussions with the admin it was decided that we had two options:

  • Update the wallet to fit inline with our new logo and website, but also make the wallet more readable, clearer and easier to use. We would be leaving everything the same and only a wallet update will be required, but not necessary (people can stay with the 70’s version if they like it).
  • Update the wallet to fit inline with our new logo and website, but also make adjustments to the POS (currently 250%). If this option was the way we went, the idea was to make the coin have a lower POS 0f 75% (as an example) or possibly even staged POS, so that when we hit a certain block height the POS will change. This will be a MANDATORY update requiring everyone to update their wallets to stay on the correct chain. This is NOT a swap.

When we are ready to update the wallet, we will put it out to vote as to what everyone in the community would like to see happen and we will take the consensus opinion of the community moving forwards. Either way, we will have an updated, easier to use and prettier wallet than we had by the end of Q1.

  • 5th Feb: We will be creating a voting form with the proposed option for the community the vote on. This should be available early next week.
  • 22th Feb: We finally have an updated wallet that is in-line with our branding. There were no other changes made to the wallet, just a revamp, new logo’s and cleaner design.


This may not sound too important, but for new investors and a lot of other people in the crypto community the information sites, or more importantly the particular ones you are on, their contents and whether or not it is updated plays a huge role in how a crypto currency is viewed out in the crypto world and beyond. It is for this reason we will be focusing on updating information on the sites we are already listed and applying to list on any we are not.
Our main focus in doing this is to ensure that they are all displaying the correct information links, but most importantly that they are displaying up to date exchange listings, trading volumes and market capital. All of this combined will allow Mousecoin to be properly ranked in the crypto ranking for market cap and will increase visibility to new investors within the crypto world and hopefully new investment into Mousecoin which will potentially drive the price in the direction we all want it to go.

  • 5th Feb: We will be compiling a list of the information sites to display here so that we can all see the progress with each of the services. This should be added here by early next week, if not before.


Even though our website is not that old and still looks quite good, it will become necessary closer to the end of Q1 to update most of the site just to make it both compatible with what we are planning on doing, easier to use and more functional.
Most of the changes that will occur will be on the backend of the site itself, but there will be a complete updating of all pages, menus and information on the site to make it also more in-line with our future plans. This includes the addition of a road map page which we will have updated with the latest road map info. Once most of the updates on the website are completed we will be slowly developing the website further over the year, making adjustments along the way to cater for future plans that will be implemented.
If you have any suggestions for the website, you are more then welcome to send us an email to where we will take everything into consideration



In Q1 this year with everything else we are trying to achieve it is just not viable to push for any larger exchanges, or exchanges that will potentially cost us money to list, this will come later. Instead we will be applying to get added to the voting lists on the following exchanges where the community can use the power of their vote to get us listed:

We actually already have a very old voting profile in Graviex and have been on the list there for years. We will be attempting to fix this listing up with newer information and see if we can revitalise the voting. We will keep the community updated with the progress of all of these via posts on social media, our quarterly reports and on the Road Map page on the website when it has been completed

  • 5th Feb: We will add the progress below each of the exchanges in the list below:


    • 5th Feb: We are already in the voting list at Graviex, but all of the information and links are incorrect as the listing is VERY old. We will attempt to contact Graviex and get these details changed. You vote on Graviex by paying their exchange coin (GIO) to the voting address. Apparently to get accepted you need to have 70,000 GIO. Seems like a lot considering they recently swapped and reduced their supply. Will research delisting policies and double check the total cost to get listed by voting compared to getting listed by paying and report back.

    • 5th Feb: We are already in discussion with Finexbox in regards to paying for a listing, but this was late last year before BTC surged. We will re-engage conversations with them and updaqte everyone about the listing possibilities.

    • 3th Feb: Sent email to find out how to get listed on the exchange. Waiting for a reply