Mousecoin (MIC3) Roadmap 2021 Q2


If you were a part of the Mousecoin Community last year you may have heard of the Community Membership. You may have even been a member.
We said not that long ago in a notice to all the existing members that they may have noticed that the member site had just disappeared. Well it is true, it did just disappear. After a mistake made by the old hosting provider we actually lost both the membership site and the main site. Luckily we had recently backed up the main site offline, but the member site was backed up only on the server (mainly for privacy reasons) and these were all lost. After a fair bit of effort we were able to recover the information that the existing members up until that time had put in to create their memberships which we just need to process.
When all of this happened we had time to think about the membership and what we wanted to do with it. So.. we decided to take the Membership for Mousecoin in a different direction to the one it was previously headed. We also decided to drastically improve the membership site and provide more of a hub for the community.
In Q2 we will just be focusing on the building of the basic membership site, which will be similar to the previous one in it’s simplicity (for those that remember). We are looking at having a rewards system in place for members that join similar to what was in place previously and we are hoping to have competitions and giveaways involved at this point as well.
All of the members that had previously registered on the old site will not have to worry about re-registering as they will also have their details added once again and will be sent out temporary passwords to access them.
The Members area of the site will also be continually developed over the year and into the future to make sure that it stay relevant, useful, fun and informative.

This is another service that we have been looking at for a while. We are looking at setting up an online wallet that will be attached to the website. At this stage we are not certain whether it will be a wallet also attached to your membership in the members area, or a completely separate part of the site. This will all depend on how complex it will be to add to the members area of the site and also whether people just want it to be separate so they don’t have to become a member to use it.
We are planning on the online wallet to also be a staking wallet, which we hope will make it easier for people to deal with the fact that we only have a basic Android wallet that doesn’t stake.

In Q2 we will still be focusing heavily on the voting listings with the exchanges listed above. We will, however, also be ramping up our campaign to get listed on Unnamed Exchange by campaigning more for donations and fundraising. We are actually already set up to receive donations for the listing (see the information at the bottom) for Unnamed, and will basically be raising the funds until we can get listed. At the moment the listing fee is 0.05BTC, however this may change due to the explosion of the price of BTC which is something that we will be investigating and will let people know when we do.
The listing fee covers the addition of all of the currency pairs on the exchange which we think makes it a pretty good deal, better if it becomes cheaper. We will also be investigating other more major exchanges in Q2 to see what viable options we may have for listing later in the year; examining costs, delisting rules and listing criteria and will keep the community informed of the progress in our quarterly reports.

As part of us trying to improve the whole Mousecoin Network overall, we will be updating the Explorer. We were originally going to do this before the wallet update, but changes in coding have made us put this off until Q2 as by then the wallet update would have been decided upon.
The new explorer will be updated with the Market cap, based on our most active exchange, and will also feature a cleaner look with easier to use menu’s and more information. This is a huge positive for Mousecoin because it will finally help us rank in the crypto ranking as this is what information sites like CoinGecko use to rank crypto’s.

This has been discussed for quite a while now, and it was decided that with all of the other places we could have a faucet, the most beneficial would be on our own website. Having a faucet was always on the cards for Mousecoin and it was one of the reasons that we created the Community Fund, which will fully fund the faucet.
The faucet will be designed to encourage new users and new investors to check out Mousecoin and get their hands on their first MIC3 for free. We will be spreading the word of it’s existence around the internet via various social platforms, crypto information sites and more to get the name of Mousecoin out there.
Obviously whenever there is a faucet, you will always have people that just use this to build up their already large balances, which is fine, but also the reason that the faucet will not give out huge amounts of MIC3. We are expecting up to 1000 MIC3 or similar to be given out each time, and we are also planning on this being limited to a time. We will release more information on this when we are implementing it on the website.