Mousecoin (MIC3) Roadmap 2021 Q3


Quarter 3 will see us working at adding our social platform to the members area of the site. The idea of this is that people in the Mousecoin community can have a single hub for everything Mousecoin, and while we will still be available and active on other social platforms, we will encourage people to check in and use the Mousecoin Social platform on a daily basis through competitions, givaways and the building of a sense of community amongst the members.
There are many things we are looking at implementing on the Social platform and once again it is something that will constantly be developed over time. As the time gets closer and development is underway, we will keep everyone updated of the progress.

The idea of a Mousecoin Merchandise shop has been floating around for a long time now. While the shop itself would not take huge amounts of time to set up, there are some financial and tax implications of doing so that need to be addressed first. We also really wanted people to be able to purchase the Merchandise with Mousecoin, or at least partially in Mousecoin, which is just not a viable option at present. There really were more important things to spend our time on first as well.
Initially we imagine that the Merchandise shop may only sell merchandise for fiat currency, but we will attempt to change this as soon as possible as we see this as being another viable use case for Mousecoin. The shop itself will sell all kinds of Mousecoin merch from bags, clothes, hats,cups, keyrings and more and all profits after costs will be funnelled back into Mousecoin to help with exchange listings and any other things Mousecoin may want to undertake, like what we plan on in Q4.

By now we would like to be listed on Unnamed Exchange and a few of the other exchanges in the list outlined in Q1. Q3 is where we would like to set our sites on a larger more well known exchange that will be decided on after we complete our investigations in Q2. We will outline which exchange or possibly have a vote between a few viable options when the time is closer. Once again we will update the community about things where we can with each Quarterly report.
I realise that everyone wants to be listed on Binance or another similar HUGE exchange, but there are a considerable amount of hurdles to jump before this would even be viable, including having a larger community and more volume in trade. The delisting rules for a lot of these larger exchanges can be quite brutal at times as well, and when taking into consideration the cost associated at even getting listed (literally $1000’s) we would want to make sure that there would be no chance of delisting.
In saying that and as mentioned earlier, we will be investigating major exchanges, but these will be exchanges that will be inline with what we believe we are capable of achieving and maintaining. If Binance ends up being one of these exchanges then it does but people do have to understand that there is a high chance this will not be the case, at least not yet.