Mousecoin (MIC3) Roadmap 2021 Q4


This whole quarter will be completely devoted to the building of our very own gaming platform. At this stage we are looking to base everything in Unity, which is what Phoneum has used to create their own games.
We can’t really divulge much information at this point about this goal, except to say that we plan on having a basic game out by the end of the year. All the games will have gameplay where people can earn Mousecoin by completing various tasks, puzzles and more. It is also at this point that we may even look at integrating the Mobile wallet directly into the games (if possible). Or even just have an app that only manages your staking, much like Phoneum.
After our experiences with the Phoneum platform we decided that it should be possible for us to push for the same thing for Mousecoin, giving it a use-case outside of just a currency. As previously mention though, we are unable to release more info right now, but will be doing so as we update people throughout the year in our quarterly reports.