Mousecoin Network April 2020 Report


We are living in different and crazy times right now, with the Corona virus causing huge problems globally. Self isolation is becoming common-place around the world as a result, and funnily enough a lot of people are looking around the crypto markets again. We hope you are all keeping safe and are happy to provide you with our Mousecoin Network April 2020 Report.


Just a reminder for the community and also for any new members, we have added a Wallet Setup Guides page, which takes any first time user of Mousecoin step-by-step through the process of installing their Mousecoin wallet and getting it online. The guide uses the latest blockchain snapshot found on the Wallet Downloads Page in the example explanation meaning that all new members of the Mousecoin community will be able to get their wallets online faster as the sync time should be minimal. We will be updating the blockchain snapshot at least once every month to ensure that people have access to the most up to date blockchain info.


In the last month we have had a few community members asking various questions in regards to the POS or staking of MIC3. To help everyone out we have put together a list of relevant articles available online that will help explain things and provide some of the answers to these questions.

What is Staking?
Proof of Stake (PoS) Definition
How Staking Works
How Does Proof of Stake Mining Work?
Earning Money By Staking
Orphan Block / Generated but not Accepted / Conflicted
Glossary of Staking Terms

We hope these links can provide the answers to many of the questions that the community has been having.


We are still currently in the process of testing various different code to get our very own faucet up and running, however we did not expect to encounter the issues (security & other) that we have had in the process. Unfortunately this means that the faucet will take a bit longer than desired. To get around this and still be able to offer faucets to the community, we have decided to start faucets for MIC3 on other platforms (exchanges etc).
To make these more accessible to people we have re-named the Faucet page to Faucets and will be providing links to all the current faucets from there: Faucets


A lot has happened in the last month with exchanges, we were added the the voting list on and then quickly added to their exchange. Since the addition we have experience a reasonable trading volume, and have also been added to the Dice game.
We have also now revamped our attempt to list on Unnamed.Exhchange.For anyone unfamiliar with the exchange there are two ways that you can donate to the listing:

1. If you are already a member of, or wish to be a member of Unnamed.Exchange (and why wouldn’t you), you can put funds towards our listing by tipping us through the trollbox (Mousecoins). If you wish to be a member of Unnamed.Exchange, you can register here:

2. You can also donate to the listing fee through the following addresses:
BTC – bc1qmaqzhfqcw0urva0rtgfz5qvq4rw7kdnp6j7754
LTC – ltc1qc775eeftdde2jrevnyukrd2w9853jy5gmtv6rn
DOGE – DEnBpriaFnKiNeBv6Q7MVxMg5hLv5urQFg
UTIP – AUTyu2JhGAaCkM3KAmeBopto2bNBchNJfE

If you would like to donate in another crypto available on Unamed.Exchange, we have opened up the chat on the Discord channel HERE to assist with this. Please request the address and we will provide it for you.
This is a good exchange and getting a listing her should help lift the profile of MIC3.

We have maintained our position in the voting list on ATAIX, but we still need your votes. Remember you can vote every 24 hours for this listing, and you can share in 125,000,000 MIC3

The voting on NANU Exchange for the addition of USDT/MIC3 Pair has not changed since the last update, as pictured below


Since the move from hosting the Community Fund wallet on 4Stake to our own 24/7 staking node, we have seen an increase in the rewards achieved by the fund on a weekly basis. The Mousecoin Community Fund is now in a position where we can actually start to use funds on faucets and other promotional things to grow the community, all without effecting the on-going rewards achieved by the fund.
As a result, it was decided by the Community Fund admins to start a faucet on, to try to encourage growth in the community, so we transferred 100 Million MIC3 to the faucet and it is now live.
In the coming weeks we will be attempting to setup faucets on Crex and nanu exchange as well, and we will keep you posted about this. All faucets will be added to our faucets page on our website.
Apart from this, the Community Fund continues to earn rewards and create more funds for promotion. We will be updating the balance of the fund intermittently (most likely on a weekly basis) on the Community Fund Telegram and the new Community Fund Facebook page, however the balances are always available on the website.

If you have any questions or concerns about anything mentioned in the Community Fund update, please head to our Contact Page and send us an email detailing your questions or concerns and we will get back to you ASAP.


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