Staking Mousecoin (MIC3)

Stake your Mousecoin and watch them multiply!

Mousecoin (MIC3) is now purely a Proof Of Stake (POS) coin
(POW coin before block 92K)
This means that if you are a holder of Mousecoin (MIC3) you can now earn additional Mousecoins for simply having them!

Well, actually, there are a few little steps to follow before you are able to stake your Mousecoins, and there are also a few different ways to stake your Mousecoins, depending on your current situation. Sound complicated? Well it’s actually quite simple. To find out more, simply keep reading our guide to staking Mousecoin (MIC3) below. Help secure the Mousecoin network and earn through staking!
NOTE: ALWAYS make sure you have backed up your wallet before doing anything, and regularly make sure that you back it up (particularly if there are wallet updates or you add new addresses)

Staking Using The Mousecoin Wallet

Staking Using The Mousecoin Wallet

In order to stake using the Mousecoin wallet, you must be able to maintain a connection to the internet and have the wallet open and unlocked (for staking). If any of these is not possible you will either not be able to stake your Mousecoins or you will not get the optimal results from your staking efforts. If maintaining an internet connection is your main problem, you may like to see the additional staking options that are available in the Staking Using Other Methods section below.

To stake with the Mousecoin wallet, simply follow these steps:

1. Download the Mousecoin Wallet HERE.. If you need help setting up your Mousecoin wallet for the first time, head over to our Wallet Setup Guide first.

If you already have this skip to the next step.


2. Open your Mousecoin wallet and ensure that it is fully synced with the network.

If it is the first time you have opened the wallet, it may take some time to fully sync. The wallet should get at least one or two connections to the Mousecoin network within a minute or two, but may take a few minutes to make multiple connections, so you may just need to wait.
Staking Mousecoin (MIC3) - Wallet Out Of Sync

If you would like to speed up the process, you can download a Blockchain Snapshot (UPDATED 14-02-2020). Simply close the Mousecoin wallet (if it isn’t already), unzip the downloaded file, then copy and paste the downloaded files to the folder where your Mousecoin blockchain files are located. If you haven’t selected a specific place for this during the initial wallet setup, the default location is in the windows user folder on your main HDD (c:/ drive) of the user that was logged in during the initial setup. For example, if my user name was “Don”, location would be something like this: C:/Users/don/AppData/Roaming/Mic3/ Just replace don with your username and you should find the Mic3 Folder. Restart your wallet and it should connect to the network and start syncing from the last block since the updated snapshot.
NOTE: Please be aware that this folder also contains your wallet.dat file, which is your wallet so be careful not to delete it. Please be sure to back this up at a different location and if you have set a passphrase that it is written down in a safe place.
Staking Mousecoin (MIC3) - Wallet Synced and Locked


3. Unlock your wallet.

If you have previously set a passphrase for your wallet, you will need to unlock it in order to stake. If this is the first time you have run the wallet, you may not have a passphrase set (although it is always advisable to set one) so you can continue to the next step.
To unlock your wallet, simply click on the “Settings” Menu and select “Unlock Wallet” (shown below), put in your passphrase (select “For Staking Only” for security if desired), click on “OK” and your wallet will be unlocked

Staking Mousecoin (MIC3) - Unlocking Wallet

4. Start Staking

Your wallet is now ready to stake. If you haven’t already, you will need to transfer your Mousecoins to your wallet and wait at least 45 minutes before staking will commence. If you already had Mousecoins in your wallet (provided it has been there for longer than about 45 minutes) your wallet should begin staking automatically within a few minutes.
Staking Mousecoin (MIC3) - Unlocked and Staking
Congratulations! You are now helping to support the Mousecoin network and getting paid to do it!

While we have provided the above options as alternatives for staking your Mousecoins other than using the custom wallet, as always please do your own research and make your own decisions. Please also note that the above options are not recommendations or financial advice, they are merely alternative options that are currently available. Use of any third party website or wallet is always at your own risk.